September 29 – October 1, 2017  – XI tournament on rhythmic gymnastics “Carpathia-2017” in Uzhgorod,

Our  team of 9 gymnasts performed on the first day of the competition and showed the following results:

In the category C 2011 of birth Maruschak Tamilla – 1 st place.

In the category A 2010 of birth Fomenko Irina took 2 nd place, Dubya Daniella – 7th place.

In the category В 2010 of birth Chebotaryova Veronika took -5th place.

In the category C 2010 of birth Berezyuk Anastasia won 1 place, Heenko Olga – 2nd place, Kuzik Victoria – 4 place, Antokhova Sofia – 5th place.

In the category Since 2009. Burtova Eva took 3rd place.

Congratulations to our girls and coach Anastasia Trofymova with a successful performance of the team. And we wish future bright victories.

We thank the organizers for the wonderful organization of the tournament.

Маruschak Тамilla,  WA

Berezyuk Аnastasia,  WA