The international competitions of the Grand Prix Cup Deriugina-2018 are bright and unforgettable every year. For the first time in these competitions the gymnasts SC “Empire of Young Talents” presented our club with an incendiary performance “Africa” ​​in the Gala concert, which took place on March 18, 2018. The uncommon hairstyles, stylish costumes, make-up and dance(choreographed by Anatoly Frolov) impressed the fans in the stands. The administration of the club “Empire of Young Talents” is grateful to the parents of gymnasts for their support and preparation for this performance.
The next day on March 19 in the All-Ukrainian Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament Cup Deriugina-2018 two of our teams competed in group exercises of 2008 and 2009-2010 of birth. There were excitements from the first steps on the carpet of the Sports Palace, because the athletes competed in this sport arena for the first time. In general, the debut of our teams was successful and the team of 2008 was born in the gymnasts: Shamilova Uma, Polgorodnik Anastasia, Gassib Martina, Ostapenko Alexandra, Zozulia Yelyzaveta – managed to win 9th place among 38 teams that took part in this category, and the team in 2009-2010 birth in the gymnasts: Antypova Alexandra, Loginova Vasilisa, Breus Mariia, Fomenko Iryna, Romanenko Yelyzaveta and Grekova Varvara8th place among 29 teams of participants.
SC “Empire of Young Talents” will bring the coaches Olga Fedulova (team of the year 2008), Anastasia Trofymova (team 2009-2010) and choreographers for preparing for such important competitions. This is an important experience for new achievements, both gymnasts and coaches.
We also congratulate the victories of the former pupils of the coach Olha Kondratiuk, who now represent the Deriugina School – Tsikalenko Valeriia with 1 place in the exercise with the ball and Plahotna Mariia with 1 place in the exercise with the rope.

Performance at the Gala concert Deriugina Cup – dance AFRICA

Participation of our girls in the Gala concert of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament Deriugina Cup 2018

Group exercise 2008 of birth

Group exercise 2009-2010 of birth

Teams 2008 of birth and 2009-2010 of birth at the All-Ukrainian Cup tournament Deriugina -2018.