Liko Cup – 2018, Kyiv

03.03-01.04.2018 in Kyiv hosted the III All-Ukrainian competition in rhythmic gymnastics Liko Cup 2018.

On the first day of the competition the youngest participants started to compete. Among the girls born in 2012, our sports club “The Empire of Young Talents” was represented by Kologrymova Margaryta and Tishchenko Sofia. It was their debut with what we congratulate them! And also with prize-winning places: Kologrymova Margaryta – 3 place in gold rewarding, Tishchenko Sofia – 2 place in silver rewarding. The rest of our gymnasts who have repeatedly performed at the tournaments have shown good results and won the following places:

Last name, first name  Year of birth


1 Fomenko Iryna 2010 1 place
2 Manzhara Yekaterina 2010 1 place
3 Molibog Polina 2010  1 place
4 Grekova Varvara 2010 2 place
5 Bereziuk Anastasia 2010 1 place
6 Kharytonchuk Sofia 2010 1 place
7 Antokhova Sofiia 2010 3 place
8 Voitsekhovska Sofia 2010 2 place
9 Antypova Oleksandra 2009 1 place
10 Khamade Salli 2009 3 place
11 Prysiazhniuk Karina 2007 1 place
12 Zhuk Jelyzaveta 2006 1 place

Also in the tournament were our teams in the group exercises of 2008 and 2009 of birth. The team of 2008 of the birth in the gymnasts Shamilova Uma, Polgorodnik Anastasia, Gassib Martina, Ostapenko Alexandra, Zozulia Yelyzaveta took 2nd place. And the team of 2009 of the birth in the gymnasts Antypova Olexandra, Loginova Vasilisa, Breus Mariia, Fomenko Iryna, Romanenko Yelyzaveta and Grekova Varvara – 1 place.

Congratulations to gymnasts and coaches Fedulova Olga, Trofymova Anastasia  and Topol Anna with victories and prizes.

We express our gratitude to the organizers of the tournament Liko Cup -2018 for the warm welcome and excellent organization of the competitions.

Kologrymova Margaryta, debut, WA

Tishchenko Sofia, debut, WA

Khamade Salli, hoop