About us

The sports club “Empire of young talents” was founded in September 2017.

On February 27, 2018, by the decision of the Gymnastics Federation of Ukraine, the sports club “Empire of Young Talents” was accepted into collective members of the Gymnastics Federation of Ukraine.

The founder of the sports club “Empire of young talents” is the Master of Sports of Ukraine, coach Kondratiuk Olha.

The name “Empire of young talents” is not new and well known earlier in Ukraine and abroad. In 2011 the tournament “The Empire of Young Talents” was founded, for the support of the parents of our gymnasts and the general sponsor of the tournament restaurant “Imperia”. The tournament is held annually in Kyiv. The main judge of the tournament and the organizer is Olha Kondratiuk.

His formation as a coach Olha began in 2000 in Lugansk under the guidance of the Master of Sports of the USSR, the Honored Coach of Ukraine, the senior coach of the national team of Lugansk region, Senkevich Nona Andriivna.

From 2005 to 2017, she continued her coaching career in Kyiv at the Deriugina School and School No. 3, Spartak.

During this time, she brought up more than one generation of gymnasts. Among them there are numerous Champions of Ukraine in group exercises, as well as champions and prizewinners of the city of Kyiv in their personal program, which today are active members of the junior national team of Ukraine and candidates for the national team of Ukraine.

Currently Kondratyuk O. continues his coaching career in the United States. The team of trainers who was formed by her, successfully performs coaching work in the city of Kyivand together with young athletes write new pages of the Sports Club “Empire of Young Talents”.
Our goal is to improve the level of rhythmic gymnastics in Ukraine, to train professional athletes, harmoniously developed personalities who can work and win. We wish to win at all tournaments in which we take part.

At the moment, our sports club cooperates with the school of Deriugina and in the future, we plan to recommend the best gymnasts of our club to the Deriugina school or to the national team of Ukraine.




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