Tournament “Nadia -2019”, Kharkiv

April 16-17, 2019 gymnasts of the Empire of Young Talents Sports Club took part in the XXX TRADITIONAL TOURNAMENT “HOPE -2019”, Kharkov.

Congratulations on the victories of our young stars!

 Last Name, First Name  Category   Results
1 ZHADAN TETIANA 2012 Light A floor   1 place
2 SVIRIEPOVA MARYNA 2012 Strong A floor hoop 2 place (hoop debut)
3 SLIUSARENKO DANA 2011 Light A floor   2 place (debut)
4 KUZMINA KRYSTYNA 2011 Light A floor   1 place
5 SAPUN YULIANA 2010 Light A floor   3 place
6 TREMBITSKA MAIIA 2010 Light B floor hoop 2 place
7 KHAMADE SALI 2009 Strong B ball hoop 2 place
8 SEMERIANOVA DARYNA 2008 Light A hoop ball 1 place

These competitions became the debut away tournament for our young coach Vitiuk Alexandra!

We are proud of the younger generation of athletes and coaches of our club!