“Zirochka Tavriyi – 2017”, Kherson

The results of our gymnasts performances at the “Zirochka Tavriyi”, September 22-24:

At the tournament  our department was represented by 17 gymnasts 2004-2011 of birth.

On the first day of the competition our junior gymnasts performed. Congratulations with the debut of Odintsova Valeria and Pirog Elizaveta. In the category Mini Light 2011 in the exercise WA Ermilova Alice with a score of 9.2 points took 1st place, Odintsova Valeria and Moskalenko Sofia with a score of 7.0 divided the 2nd place.

In the category Mini Light 2010 in the exercise WA Kharitonchuk Sofia took 2nd place with a score of 7.8 points, and Pirog Elizaveta 5th.

Among the gymnasts in 2008 of birth in the Light category Kavalier Sofia took 2nd place with a score of 20.7 points, and Kremenyuk Vasilina 3rd place with a score of 19.4 points in the overall standings.

The 2nd day of the competition brought us the following results:

In the category Mini Star 2010  Dubya Daniela took the 4th place. In category Mini Star 2010 C Molibog Polina – 5 place.

On the 3rd day of the competition among gymnasts in the Strong 2009 category Burtovaya Eva took 3rd place in the exercise WA, 5th place in the overall standings. In the Strong 2008 category Zozulya Elizabeth took 1st place in the rope exercise, 5th place in the overall standings. Also in this category, 5th place was taken by Alexandra Ostapenko.

Novgorodska Anastasia in the category Strong 2007 among specialized schools won 1st place in the overall standings with a score of 23.4 points, Koval Nika took 2nd place with a score of 22.9 points. And Natalusha Khrystyna took the 4th place with the result of 20.8 points.

In category Juniors 2005 Chinchin Ekaterina took 3rd place.

Gulyaka Zhana in category Juniors 2005  showed 3rd results in the exercise with the ball, but in the overall standings she took 4th place.

Also note the remarkable performance of our gymnasts Vita Rokoman and Ksenia Tsikalenko.

 Vita Rokoman – a member of the junior national team of Ukraine in the exercise with a hoop showed the first result and took 2nd place in the overall standings. Ksenia Tsikalenko in the overall standings took 1st place with a score of 40.4 points.

We are grateful to Kuvda Tatyana  and Sports School # 6 for the excellent organization of the competitions and the warm welcome of our representatives and gymnasts!

We thank all the trainers and choreographers of our department for training sportswomen!

We are proud of our pupils and wish them further victories and improve their skills in the future, because the competitive season has just begun !!!

Odintsova Valerya, Debut WA.

Pirog Elizaveta, Debut WA.

Rokoman Vita, Hoop